Sunday, December 4, 2016

Vlog #53 Screw it, I can't do this anymore! And lil' fairies (with video)

So I got a bit tired. I'm sick and tired of seeing some of my dolls still in their box. And not being to be able to open them because I need an opening and review video so I decided I'm going to change the format of my videos.
I had been thinking about that for a while because things started to get out of control, especially in my head. I'm tired of getting stressed out and anxious and overwhelmed about opening my doll's box, because it's a seriously pointless thing to stress over. I want to make the best video possible but at the moment, I just feel like it's impossible to reach my standards so I'm going to change the way I'm doing things and see if that helps.
I had the three little maid lil'fairies for quite a while and I'm really happy to finally see them out of their boxes.
I hope you'll enjoy the pictures and the surprises at the end.

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