Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas update! (with video)

I finally managed to make my Christmas update video because it's the middle of the day, literally and I'm out of my hibernation, at least for the moment.
This year for Christmas, my boyfriend decided that it was going to be all camera improvement. I guess that was pretty good. So I got the light I need in case I need to film at night or take pictures indoor on a cloudy day. I have extra battery for my camera because I'm always either forgetting to charge the battery or forgetting to take it out of the battery charger before going out. He also got me a remote controller so I'll be able to stop and start the video again, which is pretty good since he also got me a new card that can film for 11 minutes at a time 8 times before getting full so I'll be able to make videos a lot more efficiently without needed to empty the card 3 times per video, not even kidding on this one.

Then I also got a few present from Angela from Omocha Crush. You can check her channel here. It was pretty sweet of her to send me something.

Then on Christmas day I had to go for a quick trip to the azone store, sorry no pictures as I rushed out of my house so fast I didn't even bring my camera. I managed to get Alisa Aquamarine from the Sahra's a la mode, twinkle a la mode series. I'm pretty happy with that since she is the most limited of them all and would have been super hard to get.

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