Monday, September 5, 2016

Doll Review: Groove's Sasha Kiki ver. (with video)

Once upon a time, I wanted a cat doll and that cat doll being unavailable in Japan, I decided to make my own. However, the time passed and I still wanted the original cat doll. Then, one day, the cat showed up on amazon and a store from america agreed to send Sasha Kiki to Japan. Yeah!
That's how I got this doll.
It's made by groove, like pullip and it's really amazing. I like the realistic eyes and the aristocratic outfit.
I still want to have the Baron Humbert von Gikkigen from the whisper of heart and the cat returns, I might get another cat some days to make him.

The background pictures in this videos are from my trip to Versailles. I went there on a muddy and cloudy day so they are a bit gray. You can find more info about the trip in the travel section.

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