Sunday, September 4, 2016

Azone doll box Opening and Review: Miu and the frog prince (with video)

I received Miu and the frog prince on Friday. She is the 14th doll in the Azone Excute Otogi no Kuni series.

She is the only Miu in this series so far. She comes with a lot if clothes as usual but also with a little Frog prince (a frog with a crown) and a cushion which I think is adorable and really cool to make a story.

She has a beige and light pink theme that I really like, with three under skirt, a top, a dress, panties, socks, shoes and a flowery hair accessory she can wear as a crown. I like that the little flowers all have shiny beads in the center and that they are in the same color on her outfit and on the frog prince's cushion.

I'm very happy to have her to complete my otogi no kuni excute series, there are more that I need to get in the future but they aren't available for sale yet. 

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