Monday, August 22, 2016

Vlog #2: Going to the park, outfit swap, evening run (with video)

Yesterday, I took my dolls to the park for a photo session. That's the same park where I always go and you have probably already seen a lot of doll's pictures taking at that park,  so I decided to show you what the park itself. 
I took some video of the ponds and the dolls as I took pictures of them. I decided that only taking Akira's pictures wasn't enough so I brought Alura to have a couple's photo session as well. There were a group of people advertising for a temple while I was there, I didn't record the conversation on video but I managed to practice my Japanese a bit.
Then I took some more videos around the fountain. 
Today was the first day I tried on my excute doll clothes on my pullip and my pullip clothes on an excute. Let me know what you think about that. Do you think Alura is good in Lien's clothes? Do you prefer her as a princess or as a bad ass witch? Also what do you think about Lien in Alura's clothes? Do they look too over sized? Still the outfit swap was a lot of fun.
Then in the evening I went for a run, which is pretty rare but I was really motivated. I guess that means I won't be able to do much today but at least I managed to do a lot before sleeping. I'm really not the best runner and I don't really like running either, I just wish I could be good at it. At least not feeling like I'm going to die every 600meters.

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