Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 81

Welcome to a new part Demon World unedited. We start right where we left of last time.
“Even if I don’t want to they will take it from me, we both know that”, the boy said.
“Then all I have to do is not to remember it”, Brownie said.
The boy started humming louder than ever and Brownie understood why. His melody was making interference with her thoughts forcing them to turn in a loop, he was helping her not to remember.
“Why are you?” she said.
“I hate having people’s thoughts in my head, I hate it”, he answered.
It wasn’t really the answer she was looking for but at his point she made a mental note that he must be an ally. He seemed to her that he smiled while humming. She closed her eyes en went to sleep. It was the worse place ever to sleep but it was the only thing helpful she could do.

Her rest didn’t last long. There was a group of demon approaching. They were quiet which was particularly abnormal for such a large group of demons. She could only hear multiple feet on the ground, she was finding it highly disturbing. The smell of blood was invading the air slowly. They entered the room without a word they were holding torches, dressed in black with and upside down Christian cross which seemed to be bleeding on their chests. The made a circle around the room, their feed had bathed in blood, the bottom of their robe was covered of blood not so dry yet. Brownie felt a ball in her throat going up, she wanted to vomit she pressed her nose against her upper arm not to. One demon entered in the middle of their circle. It was different from the others, he had horns on his head which seemed too big for his head so that his neck was double of normal size. He seemed vigorous and fierce but as he came closer in the light of the candles, Brownie could see that he looked pretty old as well, which could explain the size of the horns, centuries of murderous activities. A cold shiver passed along her spin, her enemy wasn’t only one demon, there were lots of them. She had the feeling that there were a lot more outside then there was in the room. She wondered how scared she was supposed to be.
“Kion are you all right my boy?” the demon with the huge horn asked.

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