Saturday, July 30, 2016

Travel: Fuchu Summer Festival (with video)

There is a small park near my house and this weekend, they are having a matsuri. That's a Japanese festival. This one is for the summer. They dress those small tower at the center with all the paper light attached. Someone plays the drum in the center and someone sing or sometimes it's just a recording of a song. People who prepared for the different dances dance in around the drummer on the first floor of the tower and the rest of the crowed dance around them on the ground. There are different song with different rhythm and different dance movement. Each of the song represent a different place there is the Tokyo song and the Fuchu song, etc... 

People are also selling food and drinks and some of them are wearing the Japanese Summer Yukata. After they are done with the dancing and the music, they play a little bit of bingo before going home. It never finishes really late, generally before 10pm. The sun rises really early in Japan so the new day needs to start early too.

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