Monday, July 25, 2016

Third Sunday at Groove Headquarters, pullip sale (with video)

I went for the last time to the Groove Headquarters. This time the sale was even larger than the two previous. They first gave me a number I was third on the list and they I went away for a drink until the sale start.
I was sitting in their garage waiting for the sale to start but others already started to look at the dolls so I joined. It made me smile because except for the sailor moon series and the byul I had most of the dolls there. I took the one I didn't have.
No luck with Isul Milk Tea or Lir Nostalgia but I managed to get Cedric and Tete and the awesome Steampunk Rabbit instead.
There were also really new dolls that were a bit expensive but I still finished my kuroshitsuji series and grabbed the twins.
Here is the video

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