Thursday, July 14, 2016

Sample sale Pullip Tiphona opening and review (with video)

Pullip Tiphona is a collaboration doll between Groove and Innocent World. Innocent world is creating clothes for woman you can see their website here.

Innocent World designer Yuri Fujihara has created a new brand of clothing inspired by Classical European design that embody the ideas of elegance and sweetness yet are suitable for young women of the modern era.
Tiphona's outfit is a reproduction of their Pompadour outfit. They also collaborated on the creation of Dal Kleine, Pullip Fraulein, Dal Clair and Byul Hermine.

Tiphona is a great doll and what I like the most about her is that she can wear anything which is pretty good for fashion challenged little me. Her outfit doesn't look very complex until I actually had a better look at it. All the colors on the top of the fabric seem to have been placed on the finish dress which is a bit unusual. She is my first doll from Innocent World. I was more looking at Claire and didn't know they were a counter part which is pretty awesome. When (if) I get Claire they will look good together. I also like that Tiphona has green eyes, that's one of my preference.

Here is the video:
And here are some photos from the facebook album:

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