Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Sample doll Taeyang raiki opening and review and plans for next Sunday at Groove (with video)

In this video, I present Taeyand Raiki and then explain what is going on with the Groove Sample Sale events.

Taeyang Raiki is the second doll I got from the Groove Sample Sale last Sunday. I think I never found him on sale before, I knew he was going to come up once but I think he was sold out before I managed to get him. Anyway, this was a good reason to grab him. Raiki is the older rock style doll. He has this T-shirt saying back stage pass with a picture of a pullip at the front. He might be a fan of Visual Key. I can almost see myself making a story about that. I'll need some nice background though.
I brought Taeyang Wayne to welcome him because I thought that they would be good friend, the problem is Raiki is very very talkative and I think Wayne is getting a bit bored of listening to him. (I'm really creating stories out of nowhere now.)
Here is the video

So after the groove sample sale last Sunday, the advertisement saying there would be two more disappeared. Which rose a lot of questions about what was going on, if things were cancelled or what? Then a new advertisement came back with the doll priced next time at 5000¥ instead of 10000¥, which is pretty awesome. Then, last night, Groove had a new advertisement saying that they would have 100 sample dolls to chose from. That's a good reason to get exited and I'm therefore really excited and trying to figure out who to get.

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