Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Bjd: Doll Family H Lingfeng box opening/review

I ordered my Doll Family H LingFeng bjd from Alice's collection a few months back during the Doll family H event. I had my eyes on him for about six months and took the 10% reduction opportunity to get him.
I was expecting him on Monday but he arrived yesterday morning instead.
I decided to open the box on video with a different angle so that you can see everything getting out of the box. As he is a full set doll, I have all the clothes and wig coming out first then the shoes and the eyes and card, then finally the doll. I had to check how to put his eyes on as I never put on eyes on bjd before because my other dolls came with their eyes already on. It was a bit scary. I had two pair of eyes to chose from. I put on the eyes and dressed him up off camera before coming back for a little chat and a photo session at the park. Dressing him up was a bit scary too, the collar of his T-shirt is pretty small so I was worried I would have to take his head of but hopefully, I didn't have to.

During the photo session near the pond I had this huge feeling that he really was the one doll for me and that I wouldn't want another ever, haha, that's probably a lie, I have a lot more doll coming up but it's true that he is a pretty awesome doll. 
Here is the video
And here are some pictures


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