Sunday, July 31, 2016

Azone Lil'fairy Neilly 〜きぼうのほとり〜 Box opening and review (with video)

Look who just arrived! That's right, that's Neilly Kibou no hotori, the last of the lil'fairies.
I don't have all the lil'fairies as I started with the third version of Lipu, Eruno and Vel and I don't intend to get the earlier versions that look a lot alike but I do have both series of Riam and Neilly. So I'm so happy that she is here.
She was supposed to arrive on the 13th of August, then I received an email a few days ago telling me she would arrive on the 6th and she just made it last night instead. I guess the company I bought her from sent her away as soon as they received her from Azone, which is totally awesome.
Now she can play with her friends.
I think she is one of the cutest lil fairy. One thing that I didn't notice before is her hair color, as I never saw her from close up, I thought it was just one orange brown color but in fact, just like Riam in this series, she has very color full hair with brown, orange, pink and lighter pink part. It's really awesome.
She also has an adorable outfit. I really like her dress which is totally like summer.
Here is the video
And here are some pictures.

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