Friday, July 29, 2016

Azone Hello Kikipop series 1 (2) and 3 body comparison (with video)

With the third released of Azone Hello Kikipop Kikis, the sunny bunny date, the doll body has been slightly modified. I thought I remembered more information about that but I couldn't manage to find more than a picture talking about the wrists and the ankles.

In the following video, I compare the first body worn by the first and second series of kikipop dolls with the second body worn by the third series. For this purpose, I'm using the first series Honey Pink doll and the third series Sunny Bunny Date Strawberry Milk.

I think I can notice very tiny difference in the joins. The main one being the Strawberry Milk not fully straight and have a slightly better sitting position. Other than that the changes including those on the wrists and ankles seem very minimal.
The main difference announced was the wrists and ankles.
We can see that the doll on the left (Sunny Bunny Date Strawberry Milk) has a slightly better bent.
The Sunny Bunny Date can also put her ankle slightly straighter but the different is minimal.
 And here are some pictures of the kikis, because they are too cute.

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