Thursday, June 30, 2016

Pullip doll: Pullip Kuhn, box opening/review (with video)

Today, I'm opening the box of Pullip Kuhn.
Kuhn had been on the dollyteria second hand doll store website for a while now and I actually went to the store in Ikebukuro on the day of the doll show just to get her. I can't say that she was on my wish list. She is just a limited doll which is getting harder and harder to find so I new that getting her was a very good idea because she would have ended up on my wish list sooner or later.

Kuhn is the magician's assistant which explain her red face up, her intense green gaze and her outfit composed of a jacket opened on her bra, a mini skirt and knee high socks in high heel boots. 

Kuhn is a collaboration between Groove and Mitsubashi@babybee.
Mitsubashi@babybee made a lot of collaboration with groove. In the video, I said that I don't have a complete list furthermore, it seems that mitsubashi@babybee's official website hasn't been updated for a few years, but since I have asked around a bit and come up with something a bit more accurate if not yet complete.
The list of dolls I came up with so far is: Isul Mao, Isul NekoNeko MaoMao, Isul Hednar, Pullip Galene (which I don't have), Pullip Alura, Pullip Seila, Pullip Laura, Pullip Kuhn, New Pullip My Melody (which I don't have), Taeyang Natsune (which I don't have) and Byul Paradis (which I don't have because Byul ha). Mitsubachi@babybee also made a lot of doll outfits.

Here is the box opening video.
And here are some pictures.

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