Saturday, June 18, 2016

Azone doll: Kikipop Sunny Bunny Date Strawberry Blond opening (with video)

I have all the Kikipop dolls!! Youhou!!! Strawberry Blond and Chocolate arrived recently and they are just too adorable, I like their little rabbit outfit. What I didn't notice before is that Strawberry Blond actually look a lot like Honey Pink because they both have blue eyes, they totally look like twins even more than Chocolate and Strawberry do. I'm so happy to have the six of them and I can't wait for Azone to announce the next series. I hope they'll do that tomorrow though they might only go for a new excute or pureneemo and happiness clover as there was no Kikipop teaser on twitter that I could find. 
Anyway, here is the video of the box opening.
And here is the photo album from facebook.

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