Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Amigurumi Tuesday: Carebear Bed Time Bear

I made Carebears. I actually got addicted to making them because they are easy and fun to make and it's nice to see them all in different colors. I have a book with explanation for 10 but so far I made 12, two with my own design for their bellies.
The first one is Bed Time Bear, maybe because it was the first in the book, maybe because I was sleepy. It's a nice bear to have around. I like that he is all blue.
First some details of it's different parts.
Heart on the nose.
 Moon and start attached to it on the belly.
Hearts under the feet.
Red Heard and small tail on the behind.
 And the full bear, cuddly size.
 It can also stand by itself.


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