Friday, April 15, 2016

Steampunk dolls video series part 9 (Lil'fairies: Riam and Neilly)

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Today, I finally went out for a photo session. I took Amane who I'll show you later and I also took my two Lil'fairies Riam and Neilly to take their video for the Steampunk dolls video series part 9. See, I get thinks done. I might not get them done super quickly but they do get done, somehow, at some point.

I also took my tripod to have a more stable video and I even managed a zoom. I'm still can't zoom efficiently while the camera is filming but at least that's something new and it's ok to edit the video with several parts anyway. So it works. You'll be able to see Riam and Neilly from closer up and also my hands a little bit more than expected but hey, someone has to manipulate the dolls.
Here is the video

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