Friday, April 22, 2016

Sahra a la mode (A-to-Z challenge 2016)

The theme of my A-to-Z April Challenge this year is dolls, as I have a lot of dolls and I'm pretty sure I can go from A-to-Z with them. Today for the letter S is for the Sahra a la mode series.

In the 1/6 scale, Azone has another category of pureneemo called Sahra a la mode. It's composed of five girls: Sahra, Maya, Yuzuha, Alisa and Lycee, generally coming out in pair of the same girl in different colours and outfit. 
At the moment, Azone is doing a Twinkle Twinkle series with gem dolls, I don't have any of those. 
Before that, there was the Pink Pink a la mode, I only have one of them. And before that, the Sweet Sweet a la mode which I'm trying to complete. I have seven of them out of ten. I also have the two special Happy New Year Alisa. 
I'm always considering getting some new one but I have three missing dolls in my sweet sweet series that I would love to get first. 
Here are some pictures of my girls. As usual, they have a tendency to look good together. 

Happy New Year Alisas
Pink Purple a la mode Alisa
Blueberry Ice cream Lycee
Chocomint Ice Cream Lycee
Marron Parfait Alisa
Sweet Strawberry Sahra
Peach Pie Maya
Cherry Pie Maya
Cream Anmitsu Yuzuha
Group pictures

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