Monday, April 25, 2016

Pullip doll: Okita Souji

You're not going to believe it. I got another lucky bag on January 17th. The bad news was that I went to the azone store to get the Little Prince who happened to be sold out there too. It's sold out everywhere, even in the store where I never go and went just for him. But on that day, instead of getting him, I got a lucky bag. 
My boyfriend said: " Hey, they have a last one." 
And I answered: "Wow, cool who is inside." 
"... (You'll see next week) and Okita Souji." 
He didn't seem very ecstatic about little Souji but I went crazy.
"They are both on my wish list!"
 So yeah, I got the bag and little Souji is so cute. He is one of the only historical character they have and has a totally japanese style. I think he will go really well with my pretty japanese girls and my ninjas.

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