Monday, April 18, 2016

Okita Souji and dolls in traditional Japanese clothing (A-to-Z challenge 2016)

The theme of my A-to-Z April Challenge this year is dolls, as I have a lot of dolls and I'm pretty sure I can go from A-to-Z with them. Today for the letter O, id for my dolls in traditional Japanese clothing. 

Okita Souji is the last of my dolls in Japanese traditional clothing. I first got a group of three ninjas: Pullip Akoya, Taeyang Arashi and Dal Katoya, then two girls in Kimonos: Pullip Youtsuzu and Dal Hanaayame, I'm missing the Taeyang Seiran that goes with them. Okita Souji is the only real historical character of the group and as far as I'm aware the only historical character made by groove. Okita Souji was the captain of the first unit of police forces called Shinsengumi during the last shogunate period.

Taeyang Arashi
 Pullip Akoya
Dal Katoya
Pullip Youtsuzu
Dal Hanaayame
Isul Okita Souji

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