Monday, March 21, 2016

北海道の雪祭り2016 (Snow festivals in Hokkaido 2016) : Asahikawa snow sculpture

Just like in Sapporo, there wasn't as much snow as I remember and not as many snow sculptures either so that we could catch the last bus after visiting the site. We arrived near the exposition of small sculpture and walked all the way to the large snow podium where a girl was practicing her singing for the next day. We laughed a bit because she never went more than two sentences into the songs and she was a bit off key. The snow sculpture were pretty fun with the usual totoro but also some more western minions. I think everyone love the minions for some bizarre reasons. I guess they are sort of cute but after staying in a cinema waiting for my movie with the banana song continously in my ears I got cured of them.

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