Monday, July 27, 2015

Pullip Doll: Dal Alice

And here is the last part of our trilogy box opening series. This week, we are opening the red box! (blue box opening, grey box opening in case you miss those) It is not a pullip it's a Dal. She is second hand too and everything is perfect except that I don't have her card. I like to have all those cards but I miss Zuora's and my custom Namu and this little Alice's cards. Maybe I'll find some later, who knows.
 And here she is under the bubble paper.
 It's a Dal and already in the box her hair look crazy!
 And other pictures as she is looking around! She has a bag, that's new, the pullip Alice doesn't have one.
I like the details in her outfit.
She has pretty nice eyes and lips, she doesn't seem as pissed as the other Dals.
Crazy hair! I don't know why her hair is like that. It's normal though. I guess I was expecting it to be styled like the pullip version's hair. I think it gives her a fluffy air.
I keep on saying this but my Alices are really in need of white rabbits and some hatters!

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