Saturday, July 18, 2015

Doll Show Summer Special

As I said in the previous post, I went to the Doll Show Summer Special. It was a bit smaller than usual. I wanted to buy clothes for my Pocket fairy, who I haven't introduce to you yet, but didn't find anything I really like so I will have to make some myself, then maybe I'll introduce him to you. At this scale, that will be a challenge to sew something presentable. I also wanted a wig form my Taeyang MIO but the people from who I buy though normally weren't there so no wig for me either. That was a bit disappointing.
Groove didn't have am official booth this time so no new Isul Steampunk White rabbit exposed, such a shame. But there were a lot more pullips in the booth than usual.

However, Azone had their normal exposition and sales corner. The dolls and outfits coming in the fall are all so cute. I already decided for the Otogi no Kuni dolls. I wonder if I should get some pajamas for my lil' fairies, I already need some more outfit as I have two outfits for four girls. I don't like buying clothes for my pullips as I feel confident with the sewing but for the lil' fairy it's killing me, the company clothes are so gorgeous.
Also there were a lot of pretty nice diorama, including one with wolves.
Lil'fairy group pictures!

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