Friday, May 15, 2015

Vampire Friday: Vampire Heart 17

Have you been bitten yet? I have been and I'm roaming at night in search of my next victim, which might be you, who knows? Just kidding, anyway...

Today I have a question for you: Spike or Angel? 
Do you prefer Buffy's first vampire lover who had a soul pushed on him or do you prefer the second one who went to retrieve his soul for her?
And don't forget to tell me why. I'm interested to know. Oh and try to guess my fav, that my be fun. ;)

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And here is what you are waiting for obviously, the next part of Viorel's adventure in self-discovery! 

The vampire were also night creature and as much as I remembered, even though I liked the feeling of being one a lot better they were not the most friendly people I had met. Going in jails for a banal altercation with robbers was not the most I could take from the instant, you see, my few moments in the jail of Sighişoara’s vampire castle was already suggesting that being lock up wasn’t the most exciting experience in life and I had more or least developed a sort of allergy to it. I needed to go out of the country as soon and as fast as possible and while doing so, to stay away from the main roads. The easiest way to do so was to use the river, the Danube. I walked on the river bank for less than an hour before finding a bark. The effect of the blood was starting to vanish and I started to feel tired after the excitement of the evening, I wondered how emotion and body could changed so fast and drastically. All I wanted was to sleep and the bark was probably the best place I had found so far during my travel, except maybe for the swinging that the days of strong wind were bringing.
It belonged to a very nice German lady who was traveling on the river back to Vienna. Her husband and son apparently drown as they went fishing five years ago, since she had been traveling on her own every summer on the family boat as they used to do together and had a particular attraction to the water. Her big empty house was depressing her all year long and the only peace that she could get was when sailing. I could hear her sometimes at night talking to the water as if her husband and son were swimming in it. She was very often looking at the water as if she wanted to be absorbed by it as well. I was reminding her of her lost child and for her I was just a lost child too, a lost child that she could use to escape her loneliness. She didn’t ask much questions, she was too absorbed at making me part of her fantasy and for a free ride to Vienna, that was very few to pay. It was the best way I could ever have imagines to leave the Hungarian kingdom quietly. The captain didn’t seem very pleased to have me on board, a young man traveling alone was highly suspicious, and for him I could only be a beggar or a criminal. If the story of the sick mother had worked with the farmers and the lady, for him that was just enforcing the first idea. If he had been with me few hours earlier, he would have been convinced of the second. All in all, he wasn’t too far from the truth, but in the eyes of the lady, I was just an adorable boy and I was sure that as long as I kept her think that way I would be safe on board.

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  1. I don't remember what exactly I tried to post before, but I do of course, love your descriptions. They are so detailed that I can picture everything vividly. Really excited to see what happens next!