Friday, May 8, 2015

Vampire Friday: Vampire Heart 16

Have you been bitten yet? I haven't yet. I'm still walking in the sun and under the rain that seem to never wanna stop. Happy May!

Let's try a new fun fact, I wonder if I'm repeating myself with those. I first wanted Vampire Heart to be a novel, then I wanted it to be a trilogy where Viorel would travel through Europe then Asia, then back home. Why did I want him to travel to Asia? Well because a lot of vampire these days end up in America and I mean seeing how much they tend to like each other I don't think it's a good thing for them all to end up there. On the other end I wanted Viorel to experience some Asia philosophy like Buddhism and Taoism. Maybe he will, the thing is after 209k words plus a bit, he is still in Europe. This is going to be really, really long.

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Now let's go back to the story. Viorel is having a taste of blood... yummy!

The smell of the blood on the sword leaking slowly on my fingers was making me dizzy, the desire for blood was increased by its proximity. I knew I should clean it to make the sensation go away but I kept on looking at it like fascinated and I leaked it. It was an incredible sensation, except for the slight taste of alcohol. I felt regenerate and stronger than ever, I felt that everything I was seeing around me was different, deeper, and more meaningful. This was what it meant to be a vampire. Since I had left Transylvania I had only cultivated the human part in me, I had only seen the life through my imitation of the humans around me, now I could feel what was different in me, I could feel the power of blood and at the same time the fear of being one of them vanished. I didn’t need to fear what I was I had no choice but to be what I was. I finished leaking the blood on the blade and fight against the urge of going out to get more of it. 
Being a vampire was incredible! I loved it but being a human had made me careful. I cleaned the blade and dried it carefully, doing so was relaxing me and helping me focus on something else than blood. I put the sword in his case before getting my belongings and ran away from the inn as fast as I could. The blood was making me breath more easily. I was thinking about the two guys in the dark alley. They were wounded, wounded mean dangerous but weak and they had blood, a lot of blood. I started to go in the opposite direction trying to hide the crazy idea but the proximity of easy blood was too strong and I went back to the dark alley to find them. When I arrived there, I smelled the blood first before even trying to see anything. The smell was distracting but not enough not to hear people talking loudly on the street near the spot where I had left them. It was too late for me to come too close. I wasn’t sure if anyone had seen me running from the street to the inn sword in hand. I turned around and walked slowly away from the scene before starting to run away from Budapest as fast as I could.

I didn’t know what happened after that, all I knew was that I could be accused of murder if they were as dead as the smell seemed to be telling me that they were, if they made it, I could be arrested for wounding them. It didn’t really matter that they followed me for several days or that they were armed and trying to get something out of me. First, I was a foreigner from Transylvania so even if that was still a part of Hungary, my rights were mostly inexistent in front of those of the capital habitants. Second I had way better things to do than spending my days in Budapest jails for wounding that kind of humans. I didn’t know much about the human society but they seemed to be divided into two clans. The clan that was working in the light and trying to take the best of what they had and the clan that was working in the dark trying to steal the few things the other clan had to get there little place of light. I didn’t meet much human so far but I think I liked the other clan better, they had more conversation even though they were boring and they were not putting me in danger which in my situation was a lot to say.

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