Friday, May 1, 2015

Vampire Friday: Vampire Heart 15

Have you been bitten yet? I have to say I'm looking forward to June to start again on Vampire Heart's draft. That's why I'm blogging and editing as much as I can to have more time for it. Next month is my Vampire months. I have been working on Vampire Heart for several years in a row during JuNoWriMo.

Do you want another Vampire fun fact? I never really planed Viorel that much. I know he will end up in the house at the crossing of Worlds like the rest of my characters and be part of Demon Soul but I don't know how he gets there yet. That makes things at the same time a bit fun to write and a bit hard because it needs to be sort of consistent with something in the far away future. I truly hate inconsistency. And the other part is that I have been working on Vampire Heart for so long in and off that I'm sure there are inconsistencies hidden within it all over the place. 

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Now let's go back to our story and kick some asses.

When I walked out of the shop, the two companions were waiting for me in a dark alley that I needed to cross to go back to the inn. That was the most obvious spot for an attack but there was something about me they didn’t know despite all their observation of the last few days. And that was that my eye sight was a lot better than the eye sight of normal humans, in the dark. I discovered it one night, the girl had come to light my candle early as the sky had been grey and covered with dark clouds. When the candle run out, I didn’t want to stop reading and I didn’t want to call and awake her, maybe my reading was just too intense for me to stop I’m not sure but I let my eyes adapt pulling the curtain open to get a little bit of moon light. At first I had a lot of trouble to see the writing and I almost wanted to give up but suddenly I left my eyes changing and the shape around me changing slowly as well and I started to be able to read. I think that my eyes were able to remember how they used to operate in the dark. The following days I blow the candle after the girl came and my eyes were adapting faster and faster to the change of light. At that particular moment as they were making signs to each other and coming closer and closer, I could see them as well as in day time and my sword was ready. When they attacked me, I fainted not to be scared but I was. I had reviewed the fight in my head several time, guessing with their first move how was going to be their following move. I jumped on the left side of the one-eyed fellow and withdraw my sword. He didn’t expect the move and it took him two seconds too much to notice where I was, my blade was already deep in his side. I lowered myself while retrieving it escaping by chance the attack of the bold fellow. The smell of the blood leaking from the side of the first guy was exciting me in a way I wouldn’t have imagine. I hadn’t seen blood since the village in Transylvania and my senses were slowly changing as I move becoming more acute. I jumped on the left forcing him to put all his weigh on his left leg as I used his weak balance to attack his right side. I wanted blood more and more and the blade was in his side going up. I wanted to bide him but the fear was stronger. I couldn’t risk being hurt now I had something more important to do. I stood up and ran blade in hand as fast as I could back to the inn. I didn’t even take the time to dissimulate my bloody sword before climbing the wooden stairs to my room. I opened the door in a hurry, making the chair fall heavily on the floor, slammed the door behind me and put my back on it. The feeling on something strong on my back made me calm down.

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