Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tuesday cinema: Veronika decides to die

Hello and welcome to a new Tuesday cinema. Today's movie: "Veronika decides to die" is taken from a book by Paulo Coehlo with the same tittle and this time, I was a good girl and read the book first (see book review). 

The story: Veronika decides to die and she takes a bunch of pills to do so. When half passed out from them, to kill time until her death, she send a venomous message to a fashion magazine. However, Veronika doesn't die from pills overdose, she is rescued and wakes up in a mental hospital where she discover that she only has a few days left to live as the pills had a terrible effect on her heart. Then start Veronika's struggles about the meaning of life and death.

My feelings: Even if there is a lot more explanation in the book as usual, somehow I think I like the movie better. I think they are somehow complementary though because there are a lot of things that aren't really explained in the movie and there are important things that I didn't perceive with the same sensitivity in the book. There are a lot of things in this movie as well as in the book, a lot to learn about life and death as well as about the relationship we have with ourselves and everything we normally take for granted.


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