Saturday, May 2, 2015

Azone doll: lil' fairy, Lipu

Hello, I think I'm going to start a new kind of doll post for Saturday mornings seeing that Saturdays are still not quite populated with blog post ideas. So starting this Saturday, I'm going to show you pics of my Azone dolls. For the moment I only have one. It's a lil' fairy named Lipu. Her lil' fairy serie comes out one at a time, the second one, Erune, was released on April 31st and should be on her way to my place. I'll probably only get her after the 10th though because I'm not home at the moment. 
A got Lipu on the 20th of April she is pretty small, 16cm with a body type D. That's a doll body with extra large hands which I think emphasize her cuteness. 

It's a box, can you see her through the bubble plastic wrap? 
Here she is, still prisoner. Actually, I was surprised how easy it was to get her out. It always takes me for ever with the pullips but she came right out.
 Here is the tiny thing, as big as my hand, still with the hair's plastic protection.
 I put on her coat, and her shoes and her hat. Hello everybody!
She also comes with a little book called the Fairy Bible. It's made of tiny little pages but I can't open it. I really liked the official pictures and the demo where the lil' fairy are at the library.
 Close up!
 See those big hands? As big as her face.
 Give me a hug!

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