Friday, April 17, 2015

Vampire Friday: Vampire Heart 13

 Have you been bitten yet?

This is my 13th Vampire post, maybe that's a magical number and I'll get at least 13 comments on it, who knows?

Let's start again with a fun fact. My characters were first made through a facebook game and in the old days, it had a forum linked to it where we could talk to each other and RP our characters. Since, that game has disappeared. Here is the photo I made using the game's characters. That's the picture I talked about last week too.

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Now let's go back to our story. Today's part is a little bit longer than usual just because something more is about to happen.

Living with humans and as a human was a great experience though. Every day I was learning new things that would never have occurred to me before and things about survival. 

I became obsessed with reflecting lights. At first, that was just mirrors or water. I was wondering why they were reflecting my face now and why they were not before. I started to look at myself everywhere I could, just to see if my image was reflected as well as the human images and it was. It was a way to see if I was still human when I was getting up in the morning to make sure that I could open the curtains without danger. I was getting slowly used to see the sun, but I was still scared of it deep inside me. I thought I might have been programmed and trained for that from a young age. I could see myself in the dirty window glasses at the inns or on the front of the shops during the night, in knifes I used during my meals, in spoons even if the change of shape was puzzling me. I started to really enjoy it and mirrors also became precious allies. 

At that time, I had been staying for a few days at an inn in the middle of Budapest. That was the ideal places to hide and observe the coming travelers at the same time. 
I soon noticed two customers who had been staring at me in a strange way for two days already, a lot more often than necessary. When I came back to my room for a nap after lunch, I had the strange feeling that my belongings, the few I had, had been moved. A shiver ran through my skin telling me that things were not where I left them and that someone else than the inn’s girl had been in the room. 

I smelled the air as a reflex, once again and that was not a good sign. Every time I remembered smelling things, there was blood close to me. I couldn’t have said for sure and I couldn’t alert anyone with suspicions of that kind but I was certain that something unusual had happened in my room. 
I packed everything carefully and made sure to remember exactly the setting of the room. There wasn’t much to remember the furniture in the room were Spartan: one bed with only a cover, one small table near the window to write but I already packed my writing material and only the candle was remaining in the corner, one chair that was making an awful cracking noise every time I had sat on it, making me think that I was going to fall off. 
I place the chair in a strange position near the door so that anyone who would enter the room would think about moving it and instead of sleeping as I intended to, I decided to go to the center to buy the necessary for departing the next morning. Walking in the streets, I realized that my two friends were following me. I could study them in the windows reflections without letting them know that I even noticed their presence. 
For everybody around I was a harmless young man, even a child but something inside me was telling me that the way I was studying their bare movements and noting how they would move to anticipate had something to do with fighting training. Some parts of me wanted to be careful and some parts of me wanted to try to find out how much I knew about fighting. If I ever was to come back to Sighişoara, I would probably need to fight enemies a lot stronger than these two. As the day past I was becoming more and more aware of their intentions, but as I didn’t let it trouble me too much, they were becoming less and less careful.

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  1. I love your descriptions in this story. It creates such a vivid picture in my mind, I really cannot wait to see what happens next!