Friday, April 24, 2015

Ugli Fruit (A-to-Z challenge 2015)

Hello and welcome to a new fruity A-to-Z challenge. 

They called it Ugli, because they decided it was ugly but they couldn't even be really honest about it so they called it Ugli with a i. How mean is that? Well, it's a fruit you'll say and a fruit doesn't have feeling. I would guess so. But the thing is it's not only a fruit, is it? They do it to people too. This world has turned into an appearance shaming madness: fat shaming to fit shaming with everything in between. I'm not saying it's new, people have been doing it probably for centuries, I mean hey guys we also did it with a poor citrus, just because it looks like he's got cellulite. Pfff.

And Personally, I don't think it's ugly at all. It could totally be worse. All the citrus turn a bit like that when they grow old.
The Ugli fruit originate from Jamaica and was exported to America and South America. It's an hybrid from tangelo, grapefruit, orange and tangerine so that makes him Citrus riticulata x Citrus paradisi. Now he got a lot of parents to kick you if you call him ugly again. Except they don't have feet so never mind. 
If you do that with humans though they do have feet and it can seriously turn back against you... just saying. If you have nothing nice to say, shut the hell up!

And despite everything, the Ugli fruit still love you. Look at all the good thing he decided to give humanity. Next time you see one, say: "Come here cutie!"

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