Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Grapefruit (A-to-Z challenge 2015)

Hello and welcome to a new fruity post for the A-to-Z April Challenge. Today we are going to talk about a very particular fruit, the grapefruit.

I think this one is a funny name because of his name. Prepare yourself to be confused. 

The grapefruit is composed of grape and fruit: with grape actually coming from French and meaning a cluster. Here is another cluster. Which in English you'll call a bunch of grapes which in French we would call it "une grape de raisin." and as if that's not confusing enough once dry you get call them raisin just like us. I think a bunch of grape is a bit redundant, like a bunch of clusters, That's a lot of fruit. 

Now what does it have to do with the grapefruit, no idea really I mean ok maybe the grapefruit kinda grow on clusters but nothing compare to grapes which is also a fruit.

In French, we call it pamplemousse which comes from tamoul «pampa limāsu» பம்பரமாசு which is a language from India... which makes things a bit weird because the grapefruit is apparently a crossing between several citrus one being from Jamaica and the other from Indonesia and it was bred in Jamaica. So where does the tamoul name come from... no idea.

The grapefruit is also often taking as a pomelo when they are in fact two different citrus, respectively c. paradisi and c maxima. The pomelo's name coming from pomme-melon which means apple-melon, really I'm not kidding. The pomelo has of course tones of names in the different Indian languages none of it being pampa limāsu. Very funny!

Personally, I love the grapefruit with pink flesh but not so much the one with yellow flesh. What is your favorite citrus?

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