Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 9

It's time to go to hell again. Somehow, I don't really see the Demon World as the traditional representation of hell. I see it more like our world but with differences like a different sort of evolution has taken place with the demons taking power over it and making me a lot more messy than we poor humans did ours. Do that make sense? 
My vision of the Demon World also has several layers, let's say seven layers and the further down you go, the further hellish it becomes. Also as you might have notice there are some demons hiding in caves with a master plan. So let's go back to them now and a new part of Demon World unedited. We start just where we left off last week.

“Maybe, I should redecorate,” he said softly in between laugh.
“It’s a bit too late now,” Torsti answered, “but you’ll have plenty of time to play tomorrow.”
“But I want to play with this one, he looks funny,” Lonan answered pointing his finger at Kael.
Kael took a step towards him bumping on Davon who pulled up his hand to stop him.
“You little…” he started.
Davon pushed him away but he came back charging. Odeon took Lonan’s finger in his hand.
“How many time had I told you not to point at people,” Odeon said.
“But it’s funny to make them go crazy,” Lonan answered smirking looking at his older brother.
Kael’s hair was dressed on his head, his power was slowly filling up the room. He was pissed, if he was to get rid of one of them now, all his problems would be over. 
He had tried to leave this place just like many of the other did. At first, it was a really nice offer, join the team and get free food and shelter, nothing much was asked in return. He had come here to give it a try, they had also promised big powers, to unlock for him the door of his unconscious ability. He had never been too good at school at least not on days when it was not burning out. He never studied anything but he had come to regret it when he saw the powers in the hand of the good students. They could use their powers more precisely and effectively than he did, it was good to create business and get money running fast. But he didn’t want to make too much efforts. So when they had said that they could make him more powerful than he ever dreamed of, the only thing he had answered was that he was dreaming big and Davon had laughed, saying that it wasn’t big enough. So he had come to the cave, but he had been here waiting for months now, without ever being allowed to see the sun. 
The place was isolated, in the middle of the forest, very far away from the city or from any form of civilization. If it was possible to get out of the cave, it would even be difficult to know where to go. They had blindfolded him to get him here. They had said it was for his own safety. He hadn’t thought much about it, his other senses were generally precise enough for him to still know where they were taking him, but not this time, it was as if the blind fold had been a total fold. Since he had entered the cave, he hadn’t come out. He had tried but the security was really tight. In the Demon World, people were always escaping prison really easily, it was really difficult to put a demon in cage. But those guys knew what they were doing. People going up were coming down in a bad shape. He had already came down in a bad shape, but that wasn’t a reason to give up going out of here, he was tired of waiting and Yue, that rascal, that useless unfriendly, rude bastard was allowed to go out as he pleased and now those new one were to get the same favor treatment. 
So Kael was getting mad, madder and madder as the time passed. He had to take one of them down, first Davon then the little one.
Davon saw the attack coming from far but was still unable to ditch it. The pain came running along is left arm and he took a step away from Kael letting him an aperture towards Yue’s table and Lonan. He healed himself very quickly, just enough to stop Kael to put his hand on Lonan. At the table, nobody had moved, they were all looking at them with an impassible look on their faces, as if waiting for something more to happen. He pushed Kael away from the table with a strong squall of green wind. Kael hit his lower back on the nearby table and grumbled before coming back charging.

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