Friday, March 6, 2015

Vampire Friday: Vampire Heart 7

Does any of you have good recipe with garlic? My boyfriend happens to love garlic but I'm not such a fan of the pepperonchini spaghetti. I still believe that it's more a Japanese recipe than anything Italian.
Anyway, have you been bitten yet? If not take some garlic to stay protected. If yes, stay in front of the computer to avoid the sun and read today's part of Vampire Heart.

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I saw some food on the market floor. I smelled it, I didn’t know why I smelt it, I couldn’t smell anything except blood but it felt that I needed to, an old habit I guessed. I wondered how human where able to choose their food and the thought struck me. There was something seriously wrong with me, I didn’t know who I was but I think the question I had to answer first of all was: "what was I?". 
I still felt human. Human cry, human breath, human are in pain when they bleed. But at the same time, human are not scared of the sun or carving for blood. 
I took a fruit in my hand, it was an apple. It was the ultimate test to prove myself that I was human. I bite it, it tasted awful. I started to feel nauseous. I first thought that my stomach had been empty for too long, it had been painful all the way anyway. I kept on eating it, I needed to feel human, I needed to feel like one of the dead body around me because if I was not one of them I was one of the guys in the castle and I was responsible for the massacre. That was the most frightening thought ever. I didn’t know anything about me, but I knew that I wouldn’t do that. With each bite of apples I was telling me that I didn’t do that, that I couldn’t have done that and more tears were running on my checks. Eating and breathing at the same time felt horrible hard. As I was eating my apple too fast, I stopped breathing and started to cough. I needed to find a rhythm, when I stopped coughing I started to breath first. Then I hold my breath and eat, breath again eat again, one thing at a time. I started to think how difficult and painful human life was, once again putting a distance between me and them and refusing it by telling myself that it was due to the wound. Even though I was trying so hard to be human, something inside me was telling me that it was the first time I ever ate an apple.

I took some more fruits and vegetables, I didn’t really care to choose, for me, they were all the same. I was trying hard to forget about blood, I didn’t feel like biting anything around even though the strong smell was tickling my nose. Blood seemed more tasteful than the fruits in my hands. 
I put one in my pocket, it didn’t seem to be the best place to carry it but while doing so I found a bracelet. “Dylan” was written on it in cursive. I didn’t recognize the engraving style nor did the name ring a bell. I walked through the village's street, hoping to find something about me or anything that could be useful against them. The name was turning in my head as I passed the bracelet around my wrist. Dylan was probably my name, why would I have the bracelet in my pocket otherwise? 
“Dylan, Viorel,” I repeated again and again unable to make a difference between the two names, unable to chose which was mine. I came across a old notebook that didn’t seem to be covered in blood. I opened it and it was curiously empty as if everything around was trying to make me forgot who I was. 
I had nobody to talk to, they were either dead or trying to kill me, and there was nothing written anywhere. I decided to keep it, if the world around wasn’t going to help me I was going to help myself and record every possible information about myself as I could. I looked for some ink, I entered what seemed to have been a shop and help myself. I felt a bit bad about not giving anything in return but I didn’t have anything and there was nobody in need of anything anymore. I took a bag to put my fruits, ink for my writing and fresh clothes. The sun was getting down fast and I decided to go back to my hiding place in the forest. I was going to leave the next day, but first I needed to stay alive during the night.

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