Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wednesday snippet: Demon World 5

Hi everyone and welcome to a new Wednesday Snippet where I will once again share a little bit of Demon World unedited. This week, it's time to (re)meet Davon. 

It was Davon’s turn to enter the room. He looked around and stopped on them puzzled, it was already amazing that they could sit near Yue, maybe there was really something that they could feel and that was helping them to recognize each other. 
Davon looked at the others reaction, the room was a lot quieter than usual, as if the time has been put on hold. He wondered how many of them really had sleeping gods inside of them. If all of them turned up to be up to the task, the army resulting out of it would be unprecedented in the Demon World. The Hunters wanted to rewrite history, there would be nothing to stand against them, nothing strong enough to stop them. 
A cold shiver passed along Davon’s spin. He was working for them, he was one of them and he was scared. He was scared of what they intended to do once everything belonged to them. 
Genocides, wars, eliminations of every threat and opposition, eliminations of diversity, eliminations of the borders between Worlds, this World was about to change and to bring with it the end of the long established order. The Hunters wanted their reign to come and they wouldn’t stop at anything to have it. 
A universe governed by demons, where the strongest had every right and the weakest could only die.

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