Friday, February 27, 2015

Vampire Friday : Vampire Heart 6

I think I'm turning into a vampire, I only want to sleep during the day and can't get enough of the night to do all the mischiefs! 

Oh! Hello everyone, I didn't see you there. I wasn't really a good vampire this week, I spend it all with a fairy. Have you seen her pictures yet? Should I make a vampire version of her? That being said, she is the closed doll I made to one of my characters and I think it would be nice to have Viorel as well. As there are not so many female vampire in this book unless you get to the crispy change of POV. Oh! oh! Interesting? Well, we are not there yet. so let's get on with the story. 

But first, if you have a blog and want to participate in the Vampire Friday blog hop, don't forget to join up in our facebook group, it's pretty dead so far and not undead enough if you know what I mean so I really need you. You can also participate without a blog like some other members, but your post will only be visible to the group member. You can post about anything vampire, really so it doesn't have to be a novel.

On one side was the village, on the other side was the forest and in front of me was the castle with the vampire inside raging, to see me free. I wondered where to go, but I needed to go away from here. One part of me wanted to stay, to wait for them, to ask them to explain themselves and to tell me who I was, but I knew my fantasy was just a fantasy. They were the hunters and I was their prey and as a prey I started to run to the forest. It seemed to me that the trees so high and strong were going to protect me, to hide me from the vampires. I ran, my body ached, I breathed more and more painfully as the effort of each step forward to freedom seemed to be too much for my body. I could see the sunlight and left the same strange pain in my stomach as I did when I was on the table. I was hungry, but the only thing I could think about was blood. I wanted blood and the taste of my own dry blood in my mouth was far from being enough to satisfy me. 

Going to the forest was not such a good idea. I could hide for sure, but I needed something else. I stopped running and sat on a rock to think. Not knowing how I ended up here was not helping, but I had to forget about that for now and to think. I remember I used to be good at that, thinking. I tried to calm down, I was not yet far enough, I had the feeling that I would never be far away enough, but that was still better than nothing. The sun seemed to be high, I wasn’t sure about the real meaning of that, but I guessed that it was not allowing me much time before they came running after me. I started to play with a branch, wondering where to go when I accidentally hide the curtain of branches on the rocks and saw an opening. I pushed it on the side. There was a cave. It was like just waiting for me and hidden enough from the outside. A plan finally started to form in my mind for the following night. There was no use running further, I was going to hide there, to let them look for me all night and start running again as soon as the sun would rise up the next day.
I decided to go to the village. The impression of safety was making me feel lighter as if the wounds on my body were nothing more than scratches. I wanted food, I needed food, I wanted blood. The thought was making me wonder if I just wanted revenge or if the taste of my own blood was that good. As I walked out of the forest, I could see the tower of the castle, it was too far for distinguishing people around it, I was hoping that they were not trying to find me from there. In their shoes, I would have been looking around like a lion in a cage, trying to see the slightest movement of me. But I didn’t really think that they could see me from such a distance. Instead, I wondered how people in the village were going to react to me, I was covered in blood and I didn’t know if they were friends with the others. I couldn’t take the risk, as the first house of the village appeared I decided to be more careful and all my senses on alert I entered the deserted street. But when I passed the first few houses, it became obvious I had been worrying for nothing, the village was just ruins, ashes and blood. The first house I had seen was just a wall standing up and hiding the devastated place.
Cadavers were strewn on the ground to the mercy of birds. I continued to walk through the village curiously hoping to see someone alive. Tears I couldn’t understand started to run along my checks. I was looking for something or more exactly I felt like I was looking for someone, but I couldn’t understand who. I didn’t dry my tears, I didn’t know how to, those were my first tears and I would never forget them just like I would never forget the voice of the girl crying in the castle prison.

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