Friday, February 6, 2015

Vampire Friday : Vampire Heart 3

Vampire Heart has new temporary covers! Yeah!

I'm not extremely happy with them, actually something seems tremendously off and those are the third and fourth versions. 

The first looked a bit like the images in the introduction of very old movies and that's not really the look I wanted to go for, with a castle in the background at night. I might try to fix the photo I used, except that I won't go back to Sighișoara any times soon to take another picture. 

Then in the third one the heart, looks more like a tongue than a heart so I might need another concept. But then I'll have the joy to make a new one later, so that's not bad.

The Fourth version is more turned toward the travel part of the book so I might be into something, especially if I decide to cut the book into a trilogy... Yes, it's that big.

Anyway, enough of the chit chat, here is your little snippet of Vampire Heart unedited.
They came back at the end of the night, smelling like blood and sweat even stronger than the blood on me. I realized it was because they smelled like fresh blood. Their eyes were redder and their movements faster, more difficult to follow, but I put that on the account of my tiredness. I couldn’t move that fast and if I couldn’t, I was pretty sure that nobody could.
They took me out of my cell. I could have walked on my own, but they had decided that having one of them on each side clinging to my arms was necessary. For a second, I thought they were afraid that I might escape and for one second, as we walked through the long corridor, I had the sensation that I could just jump and that one of the doors on the side was going to open for me and that I could disappear from this place. But the feeling lasted only one second, the time for me to realize that the only rooms behind those doors were cells, where were hiding prisoners just like me, waiting for their fates, like I had been waiting for mine.
As we arrived near the end of the corridor, I heard the girl cry again and it tore my heart apart. Something was so sad about her crying, something inside me wanted to fight to make her stop, but I couldn’t understand what. The sound of her crying seemed to be willing to haunt me, I tried to push it away, but I couldn’t. The voices of the men around were suddenly reduced to nothing compared to her long and languish tears of agony. She had been crying all night for sure, I wondered when she started and when it was going to end. I wondered if I was going to carry her tears in death with me, because that was where I was going, where I was being carried.
We walked in the garden, the moon was still high in the sky, but partially hidden by a thick curtain of dark clouds. It wasn’t morning yet and the air was cool, amplifying the burning in my lungs. I could feel the wet grass on my feet and ankles. I felt it before, in a better way and the fact that I was able to remember little things like that and not the important things that let me here tonight made me laugh. Laughing was good, painful, but good because it didn’t match with their sense of drama. I had the feeling that if I could feel the grass like I used to then, I would be able to escape, to run away and that’s what the laugh was telling them. 

The tallest vampire, the one who had read my sentence to dead pull up his long walking stick and knocked it down on my shoulder, striking my ear at the same time, making me fall on the ground. One of the men holding me released his grasp. I should have thought about running, but the pain in my ear was too intense and I could only hold it with my free hand. I was looking at that man again and anger burst inside of me, an unknown anger. I tried to stand up, but the second man was still clinging at me with all his strength.
“Let’s go! It’s almost time,” the man who had struck me said
He walked passed me without looking at me when all I could do was staring at him with the growing anger inside of me.
I guessed it was his fault if I was here, but I didn’t know how and he had the power. 
They made me stand up, my second guardian held my arm back as if I was going to vanish into thin air. He stopped near a tree trunk, and put a loving hand on it. It seemed that all branches had been taken away recently. It was a bit higher that the man and names were carved on it with dates that didn’t make sense to me. They held me in front of it and a man, the one I remembered calling father walked toward it with a knife. He was about to start carving when the tallest vampire stopped him.
“He lost his name, he had never been part of the clan,” he said holding the man’s hand.

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