Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World

Hi everyone, I know that Wednesday is supposed to be a Hump Day Hook day, but as I have been the only active member in that group for a few weeks, I'm not sure if I can continue to play hook on my own (I'm not the leader of that group so I have no real decision about that) So instead I'm going to start giving a little snippet on Wednesday. 
It won't change anything for you, reader, it's just a change of label for the title. I'll go back to Hump Day Hook if people over there start to manifest again.

So as usual on Wednesday, here is your little part of Demon World uneditted. I hope you'll enjoy it. Today you meet my three demons from the North.

The three young demons entered the room. The others were sitting around playing cards and shouting at each other like in a bad tavern. It smelled rancid, the odor of the old sweat as everyone had been locked up for too long.
The smaller one looked around, he couldn’t be more than ten years old. He had huge blue wings that seemed a little bit too big for him and a large smile on his face. His eyes and hair were dark black, like the wings of a crow. He turned around to look at his brothers, they were looking somewhat alike and it was obvious that they were blood related.
I think we’ll be ok here for a while, can I redecorate?” he asked smirking maliciously.
Not yet Lonan, we don’t know the people around, they might not like it much,” one said. He was the talker of the three and probably around sixteen, he was carrying a massive hammer over his shoulder as if it was a feather even though his sleeveless white shirt wasn’t showing huge muscle. His eyes were light brown and as the opposite of Lonan straight hair, his brown wavy hair was tight in a low ponytail looking a bit messy.
But Torsti, that’s exactly the point,” Lonan answered.
Just wait a little Lonan, we need to take the temperature first to see how high you can get,” the third one said putting his hand on the top of Lonan’s head. He was almost as tall as Torsti and seemed only a bit older, but his wings were massive and resting peacefully in his back contrarily to the wings of every other demons in the room. He seemed to have a perfect control of himself.

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