Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 3

Hi everyone, welcome to a new Wednesday snippet of Demon World unedited. This week, we start where we left off last week when our three demons from the North are meeting Yue and the first character in the POV is Yue.
Other demons that had been here longer were smirking and whispering. There was something different about this little one, something that he felt he had experienced long ago but he wasn’t really sure what.
You wanna see a magic trick,” Yue finally said.
Lonan sat back considering the offer and looked at his brothers who were now standing near the table.
No, no. I mean, what can you do that they can’t?" Lonan said, pointing at the other demons in the room, “you know something really special and scary,” he added with the tone of conspiracy.
Yue took a coin out of his pocket.
Look here,” he said, placing the coin in the center of his left hand, slightly more on the thumb muscle.
Lonan looked had his hand intensely and Yue passed his right hand on the top of it.
Abracadabra,” he said and the coin disappeared.
You can make things disappear!” Lonan exclaimed before jumping in front of his brothers. “Did you see that? He made it disappear.”
Torsti started to laugh and took the seat in front of Yue at the corner of the table resting his wings on the hard wall of the cave. He put his hammer down and little ray of light came out as it hit the ground.
Hi, my name is Torsti, nice trick,” he said, extending his hand to Yue.

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