Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 2

Hi everyone, welcome to a new Wednesday snippet of Demon World unedited. This week, we start where we left off last week when our three demons from the North are meeting Yue. At first, "He" is Odeon.
Beware of the appearance...

He was looking at everyone in the room one by one, evaluating them and judging the potential threat with his light almost white blue eyes. As the opposite as linen, his hair was light blond. He finally stopped his gaze on Yue and smiled.
Yue was as usual sitting alone at his table reading a book. He didn’t even bother to look up when they entered.
Let’s sit over there”, he said with a head sign toward Yue’s table starting to walk in that direction.
But Odeon, he seems like the boring one”, Lonan answered trotting after him.
Odeon smiled.
He is one of us”, he said.
Really, really, I never meet one before”, Lennon said, surprised looking deeply at Yue. He jumped on the seat in front of him and pushed the book down with his face really close to Yue.
He doesn’t look special at all”, he said, looking at the Odeon, then coming even closer to Yue.
So what can you do?”
Yue looked at him, puzzled.

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