Thursday, January 1, 2015

Thursday Cinema: Horns

Happy New Year and Welcome to the first cinema post of the year! I hope there will be many more. 

This year, we start with a bittersweet story: Horns! 

Story: Ig is accused of the murder of his girlfriend. It seems that only his parents and lawyer believe him to be innocent. After a very bad day, he wakes up with horns growing on the top of his head. They seem to give him a certain power over people, prompting a race to find the real murderer.

My feelings: I hadn't seen any movie with Daniel Radcliffe except for Harry Potter and I think I need to watch more of him. This movie was so good. With the horns in place, he seemed to be the only good person. I liked the story because it was funny and at the same time it was so sad because Merril was dead. I really liked Ig, he is a very wonderful character who doesn't want to be bad even if everybody think he is and the way he manages to uncover everybody's darkest secrets is so good.

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