Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thursday taster 20: Parallel slip

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Until I realized who I really am. But she had gotten worse when I decided to go to university, so far away from home. It wasn't that far away, it was a hundred kilometer. It didn't even take one hour with the new high speed train. She had become controlling. She wanted to get an apartment there and to come live with me while I would do a two year degree then get a job at her company. I realized that she had my entire life planned for me and she was using my black out as she called my trips, as an excuse. Then I told her that I didn't want a two year degree and that I didn't want to work at her company. She didn't understand because it was safer. My entire life had to be safe, it was the rule. Never go anywhere alone, never.

She was running after me in the corridor before I could reach to the door to get out of the hospital. I couldn't even walk back home. Home was only few blocks away because she wanted me to be as close to the hospital as possible, just in case.

"You forgot the brain scans," she said, smiling and giving me the envelope.

I took it. It was my study material, the real reason why I wanted to go to university, so bad if not only to escape her.

"Thanks," I said not really meaning it. I wasn't grateful anymore, that probably made me a terrible daughter unable to understand her parent worries but I couldn't help it. I was suffocating almost physically.

"You need to understand, it's for your own good," she said.

"How can having no education be for my own good?"

"You will have an education," she said.

"Mum, I'm serious, I'll make my own choice," I said.

"And spend all your money on the university when you might black out during class in the middle of strangers who could do anything to you? Or black out in the middle of your exam and fail?" She said, "Be realistic a little, I don't have so high expectation for you, you don't need to go to university, I just want you safe, you could have an online degree and stay home and..."

"And no! We had this conversation multiple times. When will you understand that it's my life?"

"Not before you understand that seeing your condition, there are a lot of things that you can't do," she said opening the car for me to get in.

"Watch me," I said and I started to run.

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  1. The never ending struggle between parent and child. Invariably the child does something stupid just to prove they can make their won decisions. Well done! xo

  2. So typical this behaviour. I hope she comes to her senses soon and realizes that the education is for her own good. Great taster

  3. Doesn't her mother realize that students with disabilities attend universities all the time? They have support systems. I hope she gets her freedom.

  4. Linda, I'm loving this Taster. You're getting me hooked on this one, because I could feel the characters in the story. I look forward to next week.