Thursday, December 25, 2014

Thursday Cinema: La Belle et la bête!

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Hello everyone and welcome on this Christmas day to a new Thursday Cinema post!
What better for Christmas than a fairy tale? And this year, I picked up a French movie just for you: "La belle et la bête" read Beauty and the Beast.

Story: Belle is the youngest of the six children of a rich merchant. When her father's boats disappear at sea, they are left with nothing but the debt of her older brother. Trying to save his family, his father lost himself in the forest. He is rescued by the beast who asks for his life in exchange of a rose he picked up. Belle goes to the castle instead of her father to negotiate. 

My feelings: As I said, it is nice to have a fairy tale for Christmas. This tale gives a lot more details about the way the prince became the beast than the Disney animation. I enjoyed all the details about the landscape and scenery was really well made. The only problem in that movie is that as it doesn't focus all that much on the relationship between Belle and the Beast, it's rather hard to see how the love comes into play. The other thing is that we don't see enough of the little creatures supposed to be her best friend. Except for that it's a nice movie to watch with your family.

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