Monday, December 1, 2014

Pullip making: Reversible patchwork dress.

I'm sorry to have this blog post so delayed. I'm having to be of a transition problem between November and December. Too many projects to finish before the end of the year, but I promise to try my best to get all the blog post posted as usual. 

Today a little close up on the reversible dress I made for Akemi. I wanted a patchwork dress, then my boyfriend was like "yeah reversible" and I was like "no, reversible, I can't do that." The thing is, every time I think I can't do it, I have to go and try it. That habit is such a pain really, but anyway, I just went and tried to make a reversible dress. Here are the pictures taken during the sewing and some outdoor pics with Akemi wearing the dress.

Preparing the material, the yellow, pink and blue are used on the patchwork side, the other fabric is used on the reverse side. Unfortunately, the zipper is not reversible, but it's still easy enough to use on both sides of the dress.
Here are all the parts, sleeves, body, 46 little squares for the skirt of the patchwork side, and the same for the reverse side except for the skirt made of only one piece.
 Sewing all my little squares together was probably the longest part of the work.
Trying on the "vest" of both sides of the dress together to make sure they fit before sewing them together.
Checking the body motions are also possible, we don't want to have a doll who can't move in her dress, that would be terrible.
Here is the patchwork side of the dress with the skirt and all.
 Here is the result seen from the back, with a pointy tail near the end of the zipper.
 Here is the reverse side, which will need some ironic.
 She can even dance!
 Now, ready to go out!
  Listening to the music!
 Let's have a drink, I love lemon iced tea.
 Having fun at the fountain!
The illuminations were beautiful.
Taking a rest on the edge!

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