Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It's December!

I know it's December 2 and that the usual "What the hell are you going to do this month?" post is on the first of the month because that would totally make a lot more sense, BUT, the first of the month was a Monday and Mondays are well after Sundays, rather difficult for me to deal with and on the top of that I have the Pullip series of post on that day. 
Also, I didn't have anything planned for today, so I decided to bother you with my to do list. 
By the way, did you manage to read the first sentence of this post without breathing? Just asking, I'm doing a punctuation experiment. 

So this month:

I will. Finish at least one draft. Preferably Fairy World during the NaNoFiMo challenge... yes, another writing challenge, I need it, it's my drug. I type tons of words on my keyboard every day, I'm that insane.

I will. Read at least 19 books to be able to complete my Goodread 2014 challenge (100 books this year) Last year I read 43/50 so failed. This year I'm already at 81 so no way I'm gonna give up. (Ok, I wanted to give up but I changed my mind).


I will. Get a lot of pretty doll outfit done and put some of them in the Etsy store so that you can get them too, and don't tell me that's crazy even if that's crazy but I can do this. 

It's true that said like that, it doesn't sound like much but I would like to finish before Christmas, so that's why I'm keeping it light. ;)


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