Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Hump Day hook 43

Welcome to a new Wednesday Hump Day Hook! If you want more of it, click here, amazing writers are waiting for you to read their hooks! 

I'm back at daily writing as I finished my reading challenge for 2014, 100 books read this year! You can see the list here
Anyway, as I'm still working on Fairy World, today, I'll let you as usual with a little part of Demon World unedited
Let's have some fun with Seti and Azazel again!

It is possible by using some particular Magick, to create attacks that slow down the healing process and even can reverse the healing process if Eather powers are to be used, which is what Seti tried to do making his injury grow even worse”, the teacher explained.
Because he can never think before acting”, Azazel said.
Because that’s a self conservation reflex, every demon has”, Seti answered, nobody likes to stay in pain.”
Well, you were just hurting yourself more”, Azazel answered.
That’s what I stopped and came here you dumbass”, Seti answered half sitting in his hammock reading for a fight.
How can they do that? And who are they and how do we protect ourselves from them if we can heal?” Sahel asked putting a closure to the ongoing fight.
Well”, the teacher said, “they are Watchers for sure, they probably derive from an old entity able to do Magick, a lot of demons can’t do that kind of Magick anymore, and until we question one of them there is no way to figure out what they used. Seti erased all traces with his Eather healing.”
Good job Einstein”, Azazel answered.
Einstein was human”, Seti replied sighting.
Yeah, I know”, Azazel said, grinning like if he had just created the worst insult of the century.
Seti sighted more and avoided looking at him, it was as if just looking at him, every time he was opening his mouth, or smiling or even just breathing, he wanted to jump to his throat and strangle him until complete annihilation. Just the thought of it made him smile, Azazel on the hard ground of the infirmary of the cave debating himself under him, trying to breath, desperately, thinking about breathing so much that he wouldn’t even think of using his powers, then finally using them to free himself while it was already too late and them it was just a race between his Eather powers and Azazel’s lungs, it was easy to see who would be the winner. The light would disappear in Azazel’s eyes and he would rest near his dead body laughing. Just now he wanted to laugh, it was the perfect fight and Azazel was dead. And he had become the guy who went to the infirmary cause he was so damn hurt, but still managed to kill one of the most powerful young demon in the block while being there. He would be famous, except that Azazel was not that powerful so the fame wouldn’t last long, but still, that would be something.
What are you smiling at, it’s not funny? They can come for us and wreak this entire place, there are a lot of kids here,” Sahel said.
I was thinking about something else totally enjoyable, sorry,” Seti said trying to become serious again.
Care to share,” Azazel said.
I’ll pass,” Seti answered the smile coming back on his face.
Azazel you’re dead,” Evalynn said.
What? What did I do again? I didn’t do or say anything!” Azazel exclaimed.
Seti just killed you in his mind,” she answered.

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