Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thursday Taster 18: Parralel slip

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The thing with Frederique is that she is not always where her body is but I guess you've figure that out and it drove her mum insane which gets Frederique frustrated.
"I'm fine," I answered.
It had been like that for as long as I could remember I "fainted" as they called it and I was in for a brain scan and if I was lucky few days off school. They treated me like I was sick with this incurable disease they couldn't diagnose. There was no way to explain to them that I travelled. It was all a dream to them. A space ship, I smiled, they didn't deserve to know about it.
"Frederique, you fell again," my mother said with teary eyes as if she needed to update me on what I had missed. "It's happening more and more often I think we should report visiting your university next week, put it in a month or so, after taking more tests."
"No way, I'm going to visit my university next week. I don't want to be the last to chose my dormitory."
"Frederique, your mother is right, the activity in your brain this time was..." the doctor said.
"Can I have the pictures?"
"Frederique," the doctor started, "yes, but, it's not reasonable."
"I'm fine, I promise I'm just fine. But I could eat something," I said.
Since I was little, every time they put me in the scan to get a picture of my brain, the doctor printed me the picture. I was creating a map, adding them to my diary. Looking at them as the memory of the other universe I visited and I visited many. The doctor liked that I remembered my dreams so well, but they weren't dreams, not in the sense you would think about dreams.
"Frederique that's not the problem, this time, the activity was... Different," the doctor said.
"Different like what?"
"What do you remember about the fall?"
"My body went stiff, then I fell backward and saw the building pass and the sky and then the... Dream," I always hesitated about the dream because that wasn't really a dream per se.
"Your brain activity show that you had a lot of stress," the doctor said.
"Well, It was not an easy dream," I said.
I just wanted them to leave me alone, you know. It seemed that somehow, all this time spend in the hospital over the year showing, black outs and unusual activity in my brain which a generally good heath otherwise had made them paranoid. My mother, she definitely couldn't let go, every year before class started, she would spend one hour with the teacher to explain to them that I could black out any moment for no reason and that they should call her immediately. That didn't really help with my popularity at school. At some point, the other kids had decided that it was contagious and that they would catch my fainting ability just by talking to me. And that wasn't the only thing, they would pretend to faint too. That was annoying as hell. Some asked what I saw in my dreams. See when I was little, I had told them stories, it was exciting to see things that no one else could imagine, but I soon realized that to them it just made me look bizarre and I kept for myself.
"What do you mean? You are having nightmares now?" My mother asked.

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  1. I'd love to read the whole book. This story really intrigues me. Excellently written, with wonderful visuals. Great taster

  2. Frederique. I like that name. :) I can't wait to see her next jump.

  3. I suspect time travel is hard to explain to someone. I love that photo. It makes all things possible. Of course, her family is going to be concerned for her well-being. Nicely done. xo