Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thursday Taster 16: Parralel slip

Hello and Welcome to Thursday Taster again. Talented writers from all over the blogosphere gather together to give readers tasty parts of their work in progress, you can find the list here
Today, we continue with Parallel Slip just where we left it.

"Thank you," the younger man said, then he straightened himself. "I mean, Yes Captain!"
And he ran out of the room with his order.
"Captain, have you lost your mind," the older man said. "With all due respect..."
"Whenever someone starts a sentence with that formula, I'm not sure how much respect is left," I said standing up.
The others seemed to take it as being dismissed. The older man stood up and looked at me.
"Nobody, ever, in this ship or another defied the protocol. Do you think that because your father?" He started.
"This has nothing to do with my father," I said.
Everything about my father had always been a bit touchy even if my father and the captain father were possibly different, I still had trouble with the father part of our lifes.
The man turned around to leave. It was just me in the room and two other women, sitting on some sort of motorcycle without tires in front of screens. It looked like a video game, but it wasn't. Behind their analytic screen was a larger one. A glass panel. I walked around the room to come closer to it. Millions of stars all around. On both sides, another part of the ship, my ship. I looked at the reflection of myself in the glass. I was wearing a white uniform with three stars and a moon on my left side. I had short hair that didn't look too bad. In this universe, mankind was already able to space travel and in this universe, at seventeen I was in charge of a ship and I could do it right. That was so different from my life, I could get used to it. The sky was a pure wonder. Did the people living here still looked at it? Or did they take it for granted just like people in my universe took so many things for granted.
I wanted to know what I had just decided on. I came back to the desk to have a look at the document. My seat was the largest with five others on each side placed in a half moon. I realized that the man I had put in charge didn't have a seat at that table. He had stood in front of us making his case.
"Captain?" One of the woman said, looking back at me. "If I may venture, I think you did well not to leave Tucker push you into following the protocol. They will kill us all if we continue what we always did."
The other threw her a scared look. My other self might have been a scary person.
"Thank you," I said.

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  1. More interesting developments. I love your world building.

  2. I find this a bit hard for me to follow, but it is well written and artful. I do not follow scifi very well. I think it may be too complex for me to grasp. But, I love your writing. xo

  3. Great taster. Extremely thought provoking. Love it

  4. Great insight into your character's mind! What a life he has!