Monday, November 10, 2014

Pullip doll making: Second face up

I went for a trip to Akihabara because I wanted to see dolls and that's apparently the best place, they have a lot of shops and a lot of really amazing dolls there. Then I came across a new MIO kit with pale skin, which was even cheaper than to get online. I was trying to decide if I should buy it or not. Then the decision came obvious. I was going to get one at some point anyway, so better get it now at a cheaper price than wait for a more expensive one, I guess that make sense. So here we go, the new face up.

Here is all I got from Akihabara, including the MIO kit and a long hair blue-black wig, which looks bluer now than it did at the store.

Here is the box of the MIO kit, it says Pale Skin in the top right corner.

Shall we open it? As usual, the head and face and body and all the little pieces that make a complete doll.

This is what the blank doll face looks like. She looks a bit ghostly don't you think?
Now here is a picture for comparison of the skin tone, it looks really pale, even a bit grayish.

This time around I was a bit smarter, I spread the Mr super clear first and let it dry for the night and the entire day since I had to go to work. Be careful of leaving finger prints when doing that, they make it harder to pain as the surface is not smooth.
And here is a picture of the face with only eyes and eyebrows as I was still deciding for the lips.
Here is the finished face after adding the lips color and blushes, I put the blushes low on the chicks to keep her little ghostly air.
Then I created the eyes, one blue and one gray with a crown of gold. The gray and yellow mixed a bit to green in some places, I think that's pretty.
I spread another Mr super clear to fix the painting and here is the result with eyes after leaving it to dry again for a few hours.
Face attached to the body.
And to finish, the wig in placed. It slid for a few days until I managed to fix it with tapes properly. I just wanted a way of removing it later that would be easy, but still to be able to move the doll without having the wig sliding all the time.
Let me introduce, Serena. Now though, here front hairline is a bit lower so she has her hair in her eyes pretty often. I might give her a hair cut.

 And as a bonus, here are some picture of the stores in Akihabara.

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