Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hump Day Hook 38

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Welcome to a new Wednesday Hump Day Hook!
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But first, here is a little part of Demon World unedited, I won NaNoWriMo already but I'm not finished with the draft of Fairy World, so I'll keep on writing and in the meantime you keep on getting little part of what happened before. This is in Brownie POV just at the start of the book.
I wasn’t born a witch, I taught myself, alone, out of necessity. I was a beginner witch, and I feel like I still am, when I cast all those spells and they were dark. I didn’t mean to cast dark Magick spells, but I was dealing with demons and they were so much more powerful than me and there was so many of them, there was no way I could just wish to a star and wait. I needed help and the books I found were not meant for soft hearted people. The more you try the better you become and I tried a lot, too hard, too fast and the energy that I put in those spells was the energy of despair. Therefore, I brought despair to the universe, from inside out. Despair was my most powerful energy at that time, of course I was sad, immensely sad, but sadness is something that goes away with enough tears, despair is something that eats you inside. Despair leads to frustration, to the will of only staying in bed all day and wait for your death because you’re not strong enough to kill yourself anyway. I was desperate, but I couldn’t stay in bed. Every day I had to contemplate my happiness flying away from me, day by day with all Yue’s memories of me until he and I became complete stranger. I was clinging to an empty shell, a body without a soul.

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  1. Great hook, really want to know what happens next!