Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fairy World Part 9 (NaNoWriMo 2014)

And here we go! A new part of Fairy World, I'm still on track and doing ok, not good, but just fine so nothing to complain about. When I start doing great again, I'll let you know.

So we are still with Brownie, just because she makes total sense for me right now. Did you know that she wasn't even supposed to be in this story? It was supposed to be just the boys in the Fairy World getting out of it. But I guess that if I cut half of the characters away from Blue Angel to Fairy World then we won't understand anything anymore. They are all waving at me, hello, hello, we are here hey, why the hell are you not writing our side of the story? We are important too! We can so cool stuff like diving into someone else's mind, for example, that's just and example, so yeah. Read more about it in today's part and don't forget to enlarge this document in a new window for a better reading experiences.

My word count... slowly going to 20k.


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